ASM - Origin & Juice

Episode 2

Out now !

A hypnotic vibraphone channeled into an unapologetically straight-up hip hop context, both deep and rugged and bright and jazzed-out. Lyrically, this is for the babies, or dumplings, who are inheriting a flawed planet full of beauty and wonder.


ASM (A State of Mind), the international hip hop collective composed Green T, FP, and Rhino is launching a new project in collaboration with CMR (Chinese Man Records) called « Origin & Juice” to combine their love for music, food, and natural wine. The project comes in the form of a 6-part video and single series, in which each episode explores a different country to celebrate its natural winemakers, culinary traditions, and musical history reinterpreted in ASM’s unique ultra-lyrical boom bap style.

For this episode, ASM explores the tastes and sounds of the Czech Republic with the track “Dumplings”, based on a twinkling jazz sample from Emil Viklický and SHQ. The result is a hypnotic joint with a deep and rugged groove for the next generation of humans on earth, aka the dumplings. The wine pairing comes courtesy of Bohemian natural wine king Milan Nestarec, known for his radical experimental juice, and Green-T gets busy in the kitchen with his interpretation of a traditional goulash with Carlsbad bread dumplings.

Episode 2 : Czech Republic